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At Chrand Events we have been organizing large events in more than 20 countries for more than 30 years. Our team of professionals has designed and managed international congresses and conferences with some of the most relevant world leaders and Nobel laureates such as United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, President Barack Obama and Vice President Al Gore among many others.

We have also been promoters of concerts, sports tournaments, trade fairs and events related to wine. We have worked with legendary artists and athletes such as Sting, Pink Floyd, Enrique Iglesias, Andre Agassi, Eric Cantona, Stefan Edberg and Francis Ford Coppola, among many others.

Chrand Events is an all-inclusive event management agency. Our services include booking celebrities such as artists, athletes and world leaders. We also organize all technical, audiovisual and hospitality aspects of our events, negotiate sponsorships and design all marketing materials.

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Obama - CCL.JPG


Create memorable events and conferences, as sustainable and innovative as possible, and generate a positive impact on the industries we work with.


Deliver inspiring and innovative events to our clients, sponsors and spectators.

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Pancho Campo
Founder & CEO

Former professional tennis player and Olympic participant who, upon retiring from professional sports, founded Chrand Events.

He is an expert in event management and was a pioneer in the study of the impacts of climate change.

Pancho has worked closely with prominent scientists, experts and Nobel laureates, including President Obama, Kofi Annan and Vice President Al Gore, with whom he has collaborated on numerous occasions.

His passion for the environment has led him to undertake expeditions to Greenland and the Arctic, diving in different coral reefs and around the world.

Pancho is also an expert diver and PADI scuba diving instructor, a USPA certified skydiver, he was the first Spanish Master of Wine and is a very charismatic speaker.

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