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Chrand Events, apart from organizing conferences with all kinds of leaders, celebrities, Nobel winners and international leaders, promotes and organizes conferences with Pancho Campo and Ernesto Gainza. Likewise, our services include the organization of customized conferences for our clients.

With all the information collected in the expeditions carried out by The Planet Future Foundation and with the audiovisual material collected, a very interactive conference with great audiovisual content has been designed.

The objectives are to raise awareness about the impacts of the climate crisis, the damage we are inflicting on the planet and the importance of protecting the environment.

Stress is the main cause of diseases and disorders in our society. However, fear and stress management is not taught at school, university, or in the company.

This conference takes advantage of the professional and personal experience of Pancho Campo and Ernesto Gainza to help attendees overcome their fears, cope with nervousness and stress to improve their personal and professional performance.

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